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Paul Winslow

Paul Winslow is a travel junkie who left the UK to go travelling at the end of 2009 and never made it back. After a year on the road he settled in Melbourne for over three years before washing up on the shores of Bali in 2014. He edits a digital guide to the island—an excuse to stay at the best hotels, eat at the best restaurants and get pampered at the best spas. He also freelances as a journalist and communications specialist. He has an unhealthy love of cricket and combines that passion with travel to follow the England cricket team around the world, an addiction that led to the publication of his first book, Going Barmy (2012). Paul lives alone in Bali if you discount the mosquitoes that keep him company even when not invited.

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  • CultureShock! Bali (E-Book)

    by Paul Winslow

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